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How to register on to our Intranet

  1. Click on  "Don't have an account".
  2. Name: using your first and last name (case sensitive so however you register, this is how you log on always. You can have a gap between the first and last name.
  3. User Name: please re-enter your names as above.
  4. Password: of your choosing, but please make sure this couldn't be easily guessed. We recommend using a mixture of upper and lower case letters, numbers and symbols.
  5. Email: you must use your company email (not personal e.g No company email? See the NOTE below.
  6. Once you have registered you will receive a verification email, to the email address entered above (check your junk/spam) - please follow any instructions therein.
  7. Now you can log in to the Kedleston Intranet.

NOTE: If you haven't been given a company email address by either Kedleston or the school/home that employs you, please contact Bill at from the email account you would like to use, supplying your full name, preferred password and place of work. On receipt of these details we will confirm your employee status and set up a login account for you.